So, what’s in Fiore?

All the good stuff. None of the bad. We use only natural ingredients, juices and botanical extracts. We add no artificial colors or sugars.

Does Fiore contain gluten or dairy? Allergens? Preservatives?

Fiore is gluten free and vegan.  It does not contain any of the major allergens, and we do not add any preservatives.

Do I need to refrigerate my bottle after opening?

If unopened, Figlia can happily live on your dinner table or bar cart. Once it’s opened we recommend popping it in the fridge, where it will last for four weeks. 

How do I drink it?

We love it over ice with tonic, seltzer water or on its own. Want something special? We have some recipes here.

Where can I find Fiore?

We’ll be available in your favorite stores and restaurants soon. In the meantime, we’re always available online.


I noticed you’re online only. Where do you ship?

Right now we can join parties anywhere in the United States. We’re currently working on how to bring Figlia to other countries, and we promise you’ll be the first to know.

I’d like to return my bottle. How can I do so?

We’re sorry this didn’t work out. We’d love to learn more about why. Let's chat at Please note, however, that to minimize waste we do not accept returns. Your bottle is recyclable though and looks great filled with flowers or even your favorite olive oil. All sales are considered final and we do not offer refunds or exchanges.

I’m looking for enough Figlia for this dance party thing that I’m having. Can I put in a big order?

Thanks for the invite! We love a get together, no matter the size. Send over the details and we’ll handle the rest.


How sustainable is Figlia?

We’re always working to minimize our impact on the environment.  As members of 1% For The Planet we support local New York City based organizations. Our shipping materials, glass bottles and bottle closure are also all recyclable.

Can you recycle Figlia bottles?

Yes you can. However, we’re big fans of giving them a second life as a vase, candle holder, or even as a way to store cooking products. Have a fun way that you’re giving the bottle new life? We’d love to see.