001. Fiore
001. Fiore
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001. Fiore


Fiore bottles the lushness of Italian gardens and the energy of sidewalk dinners in New York City. It is an ode to the spritz, a token of leisure and a reminder to take your time. It is for sipping with intention. Not for hangovers. We recommend Fiore poured over ice, adorned with an orange peel.
Floral, Bitter, Aromatic

Filtered Water, White Grape Juice Concentrate, Ginger Juice, Lemon Juice, Rose Extract, Rosemary Extract, Elderflower Extract, Black Currant Juice Concentrate, Chamomile Extract, Ginseng Root, Lemon Balm, Bitter Orange Rind, Clove, Fruit & Vegetables Extract (For Color)

Size750ml Bottle


Cocktails Sans The Hangover

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Fireside Fiore

Fireside Fiore

3 oz Figlia

1.5 oz water

1 cinnamon stick

1 dash almond extract

1 dash cardamom

In a pot, add 3 oz Figlia and 1.5 oz water.

Bring mixture to a simmer for 5 minutes and keep stirring.

Once mixture is hot, add in a dash of almond extract and cardamom.

Pour into heat-safe glass and garnish with a cinnamon stick.

Frequently Asked Questions

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So, what's in Fiore?

All the good stuff. None of the bad. We use only natural ingredients, juices and botanical extracts. We add no artificial colors or sugars.

Does Fiore contain any gluten or dairy? Allergens? Preservatives?

Fiore is gluten free and vegan. It does not contain any of the major allergens, and we do not add any preservatives.

Do I need to refridgerate my bottle after opening?

If unopened, Figlia can happily live on your dinner table or bar cart. Once it’s opened we recommend popping it in the fridge, where it will last for four weeks.

I noticed you're online only. Where do you ship?

Right now we can join parties anywhere in the United States. We’re currently working on how to bring Figlia to other countries, and we promise you’ll be the first to know.